Mocha export of rotos to aftereffects issues

Please HELP!

I have 20 shots that I have tracked and rotoscoped.
Now I am ready to bring them across to aftereffects.
When I get them into aftereffects the roto shapes look crunchy in some places.
The shapes activate and deactivate doesn’t come accross.

I have even tried to render out the file with the mattes included in a file and they are still crunchy. This is really frustrating. I have a deadline and this has now taken up a whole day of my time to figure this out.

Please help!!!

Also, everytime I try and rename a layer after I have tracked or added a key frame the program crashes.

I’m using Mocha 1.5.1 and AfterEffects CS3 with the mocha Shape plugin.


sharon diaz

Hi Sharon,

Can you post a screen grab or exported image of what the mattes look like please?

I think the crash on renaming layers only happens when the curve editor is visible, hide that and you should be OK.

If you are deactivating individual points this will not export correctly to AE, you need to render the mattes in mocha as you have done. This feature will be in the next version of the plug-ins.

Best regards,


here is a sample image. the issue is happening on the right side of the image.
I have created a work around for now. Using shake I have never had a issue such as this. this is happening in a few shots.

I have added edge width which is not something I want with this project.
It hasn’t solved it completely though it has made it less obvious.
I have also done a few other compositing tricks in shake to fix the problem.
It doesn’t solve what is happening in Mocha.