Mocha for FCP seems to over scan the video

Help…I am new to Mocha. I am using it with Final Cut Pro. I have a HDV shot that I am trying to track and when I bring the .mov file into Mocha it takes away about 30% of the outside of the video. I am tracking a phone texting screen and on the original shot I have plenty of room around the phone. However, when I bring it into Mocha…it cuts off the phone’s edges that I was wanting to use to track.

I uploaded a pdf file that show the same exact frame in FCP on the left and Mocha on the right. You can clearly see the over-scan cropping that I am talking about.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi victor4393,

Looking at the image, it appears the footage is simply zoomed to full frame.

Use the magnifying glass icon or press Z while you drag in and out of the footage to zoom it and X to pan around.

If that is not the case, please respond and I will investigate further!

Okay, then this is a little more complicated. :slight_smile:

Can you email me the clip at martinb[at]imagineersystems[dot]com? I’ll have to investigate further.

I am sending you a small file that I could email to you. At least it will have the original aspect ratios correct, etc.

Thanks again!

Thanks for responding martinb,

I tried using the zoom tool to push back the video. This did not work. There is simply more video that is not being shown. The video that I brought into Mocha is NOT full frame…I have lost about 25% of the right side of the video. This is an HDV clip (1440 x 1080) I don’t know if that makes a difference or not.

I attached another photo that might help see what I am talking about. On the left side of the photo is a quick-time screen capture of the very first frame and on the right side of the photo is a screen capture of Mocha on the very first frame. You can clearly see how much is missing PLUS their is some major distortion going on between the original source video and what Mocha is showing. Even the angle of the phone is way off and the fingers appeared to be stretched.

Thank you again for any help.

Well…Martin figured it out!!!

I had the brand new version of Mocha 2.0.3 for FCP with is made to work with Snow Leopard. The problem is…I don’t have Snow Leopard yet! So I went back one version to Mocha 2.0.2 and everything is working VERY fine with no problems!!

Thank you again Martin!!