Mocha for Nuke

Just started really using this in production.

Seems like (not sure) after rotoing a bunch of shapes (in the Mocha that launches from within Nuke), and exporting them as a roto node, going back into the mocha project is PAINFULLY slow.
I ended up just ditching that and making a new Mocha Pro node to continue working on the shot. At first that didn’t work, but I launched a new nuke project and read in the shot and added a mocha node to that.
IDK. odd.

Also, my client just gave me more frames. Ideally, I’d just Merge the old shot with a time offset (from within the read, not a separate offset node) and then move my Mocha node under the merge and both shots with the appropriate frame range would show up in the Mocha UI.
This in not the case. Not entirely sure how the Mocha UI decides what the frame range should be.
Probably needs to be looked at.


Ok. Just used the TimeOffset node to line the 2 clips up (instead of the fileIn) and that seems to have worked


Glad you found a solution. You can also move keyframes in the dope sheet.