Mocha hangs

After I launch Mocha it freezes. A few times I have witnessed activity by clicking on a menu, but the rest of the time nothing happens. I have to stop it in Task Manager. Is there a setting invovled?? I can’t enter menus so I can’t set preferences.

I’ll need some more information:

  • What operating system version are you running?
  • Which version of mocha are you using?
  • Is your system 64 or 32 bit?
  • Have you updated your graphics drivers to the latest stable release?
  • Do you have QuickTime installed?

Can you try running mocha in Admin mode?
If possible, please show a screen recording of the freeze in process. We’ve dealt with some crashes usually related to system issues, but Mocha normally does not freeze outright.
There are presently no updates for the bundled version via the Adobe updater and we only provide updates for the standalone versions on our website.

What tablet are you using? Regular Wacom drivers should work fine.

As a heads up, I have noticed some errors with old versions of the wacom “bamboo” driver when I installed my ancient old tablet to my new laptop. If you have an old version of that software, you may need to update the driver.

Apparently, Mocha doesn’t like my tablet. When I noticed that I could navigate via keyboard, I tried a different mouse and I now have control. So the issue has something to do with drawing pads versus a regular mouse.

  1. Windows 7 Professional, 64bit
  2. This version came with After Effects CS5.5 (exact version later)
  3. see above
  4. Yes.
  5. Yes.
    Are there any patches for the bundled AE version?

Last night I was able to open the Help menu and get the version. But then nothing else. In Task Manager, Mocha is not using any of the CPU. Attached is a screenshot as you requested.
Version 2.3.0 build 3508