Mocha has disappeared

Every time I launch mocha from the plug-in in After Effects 2018, everything freezes as if a dialog button has opened somewhere off screen. Mocha never appears and clicking anything in AE just results in a windows error ding.

I’ve tried deleting the effect and reapplying it. I’ve tried placing the effect on a different layer. It’s as if I minimized mocha to a place completely off my monitor and I don’t know how to put it back.

Alt Tab doesn’t show a mocha window, Task Manager doesn’t show mocha. I don’t know what to do.

Any help?

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Very strange, have you tried reinstalling the plugin? It may have installed incorrectly.

I’d love to try, but I don’t know how to uninstall Mocha to reinstall it in Windows 64 Bit. Can you please advise on how to do that? Hopefully that’s all I need.

I am also with the same problem for 10 days and I can not find any solution I tried in several themes here by firum and I have no answers on how to solve. the plugin was working and simply disappeared. uninstalled adobe package, cleared cache, logs, hidden files, deleted the mocha plugin, did everything that would be thought. I proceeded to install it as the first time and it keeps playing with my imagination where it went, whether it is in this dimension or if it went to some other parallel ours and is laughing at my face. frustrated, but I keep the grace of this problem as much as possible. Support please help this unprepared user that I am please.

Just go to your “Remove programs” settings and search for mocha. The plugin should be there.

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Did you try clearing preferences in the registry?

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Removed Mocha, reinstalled. Still nothing. Mocha is completely useless to me currently.

This started when I closed Mocha to go back to After Effects, and I think I clicked the Maximize/Restore button next to the X to close. Then the window just disappeared and I don’t know how to get it back. The monitor is at full capable resolution so it’s not minimized off screen. It’s not ALT-TAB-able. This seems like a silly problem to miss a deadline for.

I’ve tried any windows shortcuts I can find to maximize minimized windows. Nothing. I just bought this, and I’d really love to be able to use it.

Have you tried going to the Window–>Workspace menu, then select a preset, Default or if you have created your own window layout, hit “Reset daedalus55’s to Saved Layout”?

That is definitely a new problem I have not seen before. Are you using multiple monitors? Can you reset back to a single monitor view and see if it resets to being visible?


gusta had replied he cleared preferences in the registry, I had not. That just fixed it for me.

I went to regedit, found the mocha pro registry, found the “window position” which was set deep in negative numbers for some reason, and deleted it. It vanished to there after hitting the maximize/restore button on top of the window. I am running multiple monitors, they are set in a non-linear configuration. Don’t know if any of that helps figure out why that happened, but after deleting that preference, it opened fine the next time.

I did try that eariler, and it didn’t work.

It sounds like the interface got locked into a nonstandard configuration. I am glad that resetting preferences fixed it. We will keep an eye out for this issue and see if we can repeat it on our end. Likely it has to do with undocking and redocking panels. Try locking your interface for now.


I’ve got the same problem as described above. Mocha just disappears off screen I presume. If someone can describe how to reset the registry that would be appreciated, thanks in advance.


There’s a few different ways to delete the preferences, one for Mac and one for Windows. As this could potentially damage operating parameters for other pieces of software, so only do this for Mocha and do not mess with anything else.

For windows, go to the registry editor by typing “regedit” into the command prompt or searching for regedit in the software search and look for: "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Imagineer Systems Ltd\Mocha Pro Plugin [VERSION NUMBER]

for mac you need to delete ~/Library/Preferences/ * imagineer *

For mac you can also grep the defaults domain for imagineer
defaults domains | tr “,” “\n” | grep -i com.imagineer
then command run defaults delete com.imagineersystems.Mocha Pro [VERSION NUMBER]

We may have recently changed this from imagineer to borisfx, so check your version for imagineer or borisfx.*
But again, please note, this is something you need to be careful with and follow instructions carefully if you’re not used to changing these sorts of parameters on your machine.

I will see if @martinb has anything else to add.

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Thanks Mary, it worked.

Definitely a “window position” setting as mentioned above. After deleting the file my Mocha window appeared on the far edge of my monitor, just enough to drag back into my viewport. Not perfect but it got me there to finish the job. Thanks again and I enjoy the videos.


I am glad that fixed the issue for you! And thanks, happy you enjoy the tutorials!