Mocha Hitfilm

Is BORISFX going to have a update or upgrade for Hitfilm Pro? Any news When ?

Are you referring to an update to Mocha Hitfilm specifically?

Hi Martin,

No, I have After Effects and a subscription to Mocha for After Effects.


Yes Martin .

Mocha For After Effects is different from Mocha From Hitfilm for Adobe I suggest getting mocha Pro Adobe.

I can’t say if or when there will be an upgrade to Mocha for HitFilm. Any and all announcements regarding HitFilm will come from Fxhome.

At any rate, the Mocha Pro 2019 OFX plugin will work in current builds of HitFilm.

How long Does it Take a serial number support For the the Upgrade To Mocha 2019?

Customers who purchased either Mocha Pro v5 or Mocha VR within the last year, qualify for a free update to Mocha Pro 2019. If you qualify for an upgrade but have not received your email, you can contact support to speed up your inquiry. But it should only take a few days to get your new code.

Customers who purchased Mocha Pro v5 or Mocha VR before October 1, 2017 can upgrade to Mocha Pro 2019 with affordable options. Upgrade Now

For any further questions, please contact the sales team here: Boris FX | Contact Us

I will Be Testing Mocha 2019 in Hitfilm Pro.