Mocha Import not reading clips

I’m trying to run the Mocha Import on our work system (CentOs) and have successfully installed the script in Nuke (9.0v7) , but when I click the Mocha button it only opens Mocha Pro (4) but doesn’t load the clip, create the project or read any of the information.

I’ve run this script on a Windows machine at it works really well.

Has anyone managed to get it working on Linux successfully and know how its done?



Okay - so I got to the bottom the problem, I specify a path to a wrapper that was set up by the company to launch Mochapro with a licence and some other things I dont understand, so it launches but doesnt bring in the clip nformation, crete a project etc.

If I specify to the install execucatble it launches in PLE mode, but does bring in the clip information.

The wrapper looks like this:



export LM_LICENSE_FILE=xxxxxx@licserve

export LM_LICENSE_FILE=xxxxx@licserve:xxxxx@permit
export MOCHAPRO_INSTALL_DIR=/xxxx/xxxx/apps/MOCHA/linux-x86-64/mochaproV4


What can I do to get Mocha to launch with a licence and bring in the clip information?



In order for your version of the wrapper to load the right footage using “Send to mocha”, you would need to modify it to take the arguments send by the python script and then feed it to the /bin/mochapro directory line.

I would suggest you speak with the admins at your studio on how to set up the wrapper to receive the arguments as it’s beyond the scope of our simple utility. From looking at it, I assume this is a shell script, so you would need to pass the arguments as their numbered equivalents ($1, $2 etc.)

We are specifically sending the following arguments (in order):

  1. the mocha bin path
  2. ‘–in’
  3. the in point value
  4. ‘–out’
  5. the out point value
  6. –frame-rate
  7. the frame rate value
  8. the footage file path

So if your admin can modify your wrapper script to read these in that should work.

Ah thanks for the reply, the engineers added the arguments to the wrapper and now it all works perfectly.

Thanks again!


Actually, it almost works - unfortunatly it wont bring in the frame range of the clips.