Mocha imports just photo sequences

I cant import any clips when i choose import i can see in movies and images only formats as .cin .jpeg. .jpg just photos how can i import .mov?

Ok, this can mean then that the media server is not running.
Can you try running mocha in admin mode? The system may be preventing a secondary process from running. You should see this as a process called “mediaioserver” in the task manager.

Can you go to the about box in mocha (in the help menu) and tell me all the information there?

It appears you are still running the beta version. If you’ve recently installed the proper version of CS5 or 5.5 then you may need to open mocha from the program files directory and fix the shortcut, or reinstall the mocha part.

Usually when you’ve been on the beta you would have got a clean up script before you installed cs5. You’ll need to uninstall the old version and then reinstall just AE CS5.

Check your program files directory under After Effects and see if there is a different version of mocha. There may also be an installation under Imagineer Systems. The proper version of mocha for CS5 should be 2.2.1. If you have CS5.5 it should be 2.3.0.

Yes, i thought that it’s quicktime but i reinstalled it and nothing

i reinstalled after effects and it didnt help

I opened it in admin mode but it didnt changed anything. But i can’t find mediaioserver in task manager when mocha is running i mean there isnt.

here you go:

cs5 how can i reinstall just mocha? do i have to reinstall after effects?