Mocha in BCC+?

As much as I like the new BCC 2021 release, for me there is one big absence. And that is the absence of Mocha in the BCC+ filters. For example, using the BCC+ Deband which is great for debanding the sky, the whole shot ends up being affected. In Vegas Pro 18, I needed to copy the video event to a lower track to then create a mask in pan/crop on the upper track to define the sky area so that Deband only affects the defined sky area. This is fine on a static shot, but Mocha is really needed if the shot is not perfectly static.

Is there any possibility that BorisFX will extend Mocha to BCC+ filters in a future release?

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Iā€™m surprised mocha is not in the new fx?!

In the meanwhile, you realize you can manually keyframe your Vegas mask, yes?

you realize you can manually keyframe your Vegas mask

Yes, absolutely, but it can be a very tedious way to do it in comparison to using Mocha. And the masking in Mocha is so very much better than the masking in Vegas Pro pan/crop which can sometimes be noticeable when feathering is applied.

Of course they will in the future. Now it is just simply add DFT to BCC.

Yes, we definitely plan to integrate Mocha mask and parameter tracking into the BCC+ filters in future versions.


Many thanks, Jason, for the quick response. That Mocha is going to be introduced to BCC+ is excellent news.