Mocha Instability

I am having isues with Mocha AE. It seems very buggy and I am reluctant to use it anymore. I have done the things suggested below but keep having problems.

I am using Mocha AE ver 9.0.4 Build 13.g8233aa42e8f4
I am using AE 23.1.0 Build 83
I have a Mac Studio with 32gb ram with Ventura 13.1

  1. There is small window saying “Mocha is Starting” that does not go away or close

Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 9.31.47 am

  1. It often stops tracking and will not restart
  2. It sometimes will not save a project and the Tracking data

Overall, my experience so far has been it is too unreliable.

Does anyone else have similar issues? Are they Known issues and are likely to be addressed soon?

Did you started to experience this behavior recently, or has it always been like this for you?
Could you share your log file please? It’s under Help/View log menu. That’s gonna be helpful for @martinb to look at

As @elizabeth.postol says, getting the log file will be very helpful to see what is going on.

Adobe and the Mocha team QA the program thoroughly before releasing it to the public so this is going to be something system-specific that we need to narrow down with your setup.

This is a recent experience as I have just started to try using Mocha AE. (182.1 KB)

This Log appears to date back to Dec 10th, about when I started using Mocha AE.

Hopefully, you can help.


I should point out this is intentional. That little dialog forces Mocha to the front so it doesn’t get hidden behind After Effects if you switch out of the program.

Can you describe exactly what is happening here? What is the exact process and what is the error?

Are you specifically getting a hang or a crash?


Thanks for clarifying window issue, although it seems counterintuitive.

It was last week when I had the tracking stop so I could best describe it as a hang, rather than a crash.

I could not seem to get out of the situation without shutting Mocha Ae down.

I did wait what I considered aa reasonable time before choosing this option.

Just following up here. We seem to have missed this since the Christmas break. Did your situation improve?
We’ve been checking for Mocha AE crashes on the M1 Max in our QA but nothing like this occurs.

A few things to try:

  • Can you show us your screen setup? If you’re try to click the “Cancel” button in that dialog you must have mocha on a different window to the AE main window.
  • If the same hang problem is occurring can you get us a crash report? This should show up after the crash or when you force an application to close (see image below)
  • Check your disk cache is not full. A hang might simply be because there is not more space or memory to track in. Given the size of your RAM, it’s unlikley, but worth checking.
  • You may also want to try reinstalling After Effects. While rare, sometimes these problems can be to do with corruption in the original file installation.
  • Another option to test is installing Mocha Pro to see if you get the same hang. This will also give us more logging information from the problem as Mocha Pro is a more recent version of the software.

mocha crashed report button

Martin, Thanks for the follow up.

Whilst I have been busy with other projects recently, I have been using Mocha to progress my difficult stabilization challenge and I have had some limited success.

In doing so, I have not had any further “hang” issues that I have noticed, so I guess all is good.

I will keep your email with tips so if this ever happens again, I have some guidance on remedies.

Thanks Again.


Thanks for the speedy response. I’m glad to hear it’s been fine so far, but do let us know if you see any problems again.