Mocha inverting colours and flipping the image

Hello guys,

I’m new here and I’m really REALLY enjoying Mocha Pro. However, I keep running into an annoying bug/issue/thing that is screwing with my final edit. Sometimes, when I use the stabilise module, Mocha does some crazy stuff with my image, sometimes inverting the colours, and sometimes flipping the image on the vertical axis?! Has anyone seen this before?

This is what the images looks with Mocha turned off:

And this is what it looks like with Mocha turned on:

Any thoughts would be much appreciated. I’m on Mac, Premiere Pro CC 2017.1.2.

Cheers for now!


I have never seen that, and it’s super weird, but can you try purging your cache in both Mocha and Premiere? In Mocha, you can find that under file>clear cache… and in Premiere it should be in preferences. Then I would save and reopen the project, that looks like a caching problem to me because it is so odd.

Try that and let me know?

Thanks Mary. I’ll give that a go and let you know :+1:

Hummm no that didn’t work. I deleted both Caches in Mocha and Premiere and manually deleted the files in Library/App Support/Adobe/Common

The image has inverted on the second frame in that clip now. When I disable Mocha this gremlin does go away.

I’ll keep poking around to see if I can find a fix. If you have any other ideas it’d be mucho appreciated!

What happens when you render inside of Mocha and not on the Premiere timeline? Are you seeing the same gremlins?

Thanks Mary. Inside Mocha it’s ok. I’ve just upgraded to 2019 and it’s the same as 5.6. It’s also the same on my laptop as it is on my desktop. I’ve had this with ProRes 422 as well as XAVC so it’s not the codec.

Thank you for letting us know, I am going to forward this to the dev team and see if we can repeat it. It might be a bug.

Appreciate it Mary.

If it’s any help this is not something that happens immediately. In my case this developed after maybe 5-10 iterations of jumping into Mocha to edit/tweak the track.

The last time this happened it occurred after I retimed the clip in Premiere. In this case here this clip is not retimed.

Not sure if that helps or not.

Cheers :slight_smile:

In the meantime, while we track this down, render the stabilized version out of Mocha and export the rendered clip to continue working without glitch gremlins.

Thanks Mary, you’ve been super helpful :+1:

Hey there,

This can be caused by the Mocha project having in/out ranges set after you have stabilized.
If any part of your clip in the Premiere timeline is outside the range set in Mocha, we’ve seen a similar thing happen.

We have a defect filed for this, but it sounds slightly different to your scenario. Try going into Mocha and clearing the project in/out ranges to see if it helps back in the Premiere timeline.

I’ll check this out on the project asap and get back to you Martin. Thanks!

Mocha Pro 2019 v6.0.2 is now out and this issue should be resolved. Check it out and let us know:

Cheers Martin. I’ll give it a go :+1: