Mocha is slow and does not utilize CPU

Hello there
I’ve started working with Mocha recently. But tracking in it is really slow. Also it does not seem to be using the power of the CPU, or that much RAM either.

From what I can tell in Task Manager mocha uses ~200MB RAM and 15% CPU.
My gear:
Intel i7 2600K 4 cores (8 threads) @ 3.4GHz.
8GB Corsair RAM.
I’ve looked for something to modify in the “preferences” but I can’t find anything. Please help.

Did you ever get a reply to this thread? I’m having the same problem; massive slowdowns when using Mocha but its only occasionally hitting the CPU, although it grabs all the memory it can.
I’m on a dual-core iMac, 4GB, latest version of Mocha. I think it ran more smoothly before the latest upgrade. Its molasses now, with only three tracks.
Thanks, Kevin

Hi Martin,
What properties do you need? I?m using Mocha 6.1 with 4:2:2 ProRes 1080p at 1/4 setting. It bogs down after about six tracks and roto shapes.
Best, Kevin

By latest version do you mean in CS5, or 2.6.1?
Depending on your footage and parameter settings tracking can be slow. What are the footage properties?
You can optimise the tracking to speed up results, but you may sacrifice accuracy.

Slow tracks usually occur from the Min % Pixels Used function. The higher this value the more accurate the track, but the more resource-intensive it is. Are you storing the footage locally?
Try running in 32-bit mode (Get Info on the app in the finder has the setting) to see if you see any improvement.
Can you send me one of the project files to check the speed?