Mocha key frame adjust problem

I search all over the internet but i didnt found a answer…

When you adjust one frame mocha adjusting all the fremes according to the frame that you adjust

(i like it)

But it is making problem when half video is 100% good tracked and you adjust one frame

And then it make a mess with all the Previous key freams,

In after effect when you use the roto brush you have the option the freez the fremes but in mocha i

Dont know what the solution is…

Your help will be appreciated!

Are you asking about roto keyframes or adjust tracking keyframes?

In Mocha for roto, you have some options for how you control keyframes. On the timeline the default it set to Auto Key. WHen this is on, you are always inserting keyframes when updating animatable parameters. If you wish to turn this off, you can manually add/remove keyframes:

If you want more control when animating points on a spline, you can bring up Keyframe Controls (View>Keyframe Controls). You can set the keyframes for shapes to work on Splines OR Points. Setting to Points gives you more control for each point on a spline to have their own KF ranges.

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