Mocha laggy interface

One thing is bothering me for a long time. I can describe it as “laggy interface”, more detailed demonstration in video below. In video i say that it appears on big project, but sometimes it appears on newly created projects too! This lag affects not only to viewport - editing masks shapes, moving, and the whole interface is lags.
GPU acelleration is turned off
Tablet pressure turned off
Tried clearing Chahe - not helps.
Sometimes restarting Mocha helps. Sometimes not. And even if it does, restarting Mocha every 20 minutes is not very good solution too. So i cant find propper cure for that.
Im using latest Mocha standalone build (Version 8.0.3 build 19.gad747e6f19f1), Win 10, Log file attached

imagineer.txt (6.2 MB)

A couple of things to try:

  1. Update your GPU driver. Your listed driver is several versions behind the current driver.
  2. Check Texture RAM settings. What size is the footage? Can I see your GPU settings in preferences? Is there a reason you have GPU acceleration OFF?