Mocha Lens Export to AE not working

Good day,
I am trying to export lens data from Mocha Pro (v4) to AE (CC2018), but nothing is happening. I do have the mocha Lens plugin (v1) installed and it is registered by AE.

I have MacBook Pro (Early 2011) with OS X El Capitan (v10.11.6)

Thank you for any advice or suggestion.

Are you on the latest version of AE CC 2018? The clipboard is broken on earlier versions within After Effects and that sounds like this could be the problem. Make sure you’re on the last version of AE CC 2018 before they moved to 2019.

Try that and let me know.


Hi Mary,
Thank you very much for the suggestion and terribly sorry for late reply.
I should have the latest AE CC 2018 (v15.1.2, build 69) and the Creative Cloud won’t even let me upgrade any further since my Mac is out of date.

Any way, thanks again for the speedy reply and have a wonderful rest of the week!

Hi Mary! I tried this with AE 15.1.2 and Mocha Pro 5 and still cannot paste my exported lens data. I’ve emailed support and they told me to download the lens installer which i replied that I already did. Two weeks later and still no emails back with help from them. Could my plugin be in the wrong location or is this an Adobe clipboard issue? I have it located Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CC. And when in AE is does show up if searched in the Effects & Presets. Thanks!

Likely it’s not in the right folder. I like to drop all the mocha plugins into the default Adobe plugin folder for Mocha Shape. It keeps them all together and tends to be foolproof.

Try that and let me know? Delete the old one, drop it into the Mocha plugin folder in the adobe plugin folder, and restart Adobe. Then check it.


Thanks for the quick reply. I put the “mocha lens importer for AE.plugin” file in the mochaAE folder than is in the Effects folder. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to do anything. After I copy to clipboard in Mocha and switch over to AE and select the layer I want, “paste” is still grayed out under the edit menu.

is there anything else I can try? I also just got a trial of 2019 and thought that might make the difference but I still can’t paste in AE. I can see the “mocha lens” effect if I search for it in the Effects & Presets panel but paste is always grayed out.

Hmm. Try updating AE to the latest version available to you, the clipboard might be broken. This was an issue with AE from a while back. Or try clicking in a different window and clicking back in AE, if the paste isn’t greyed out when you click back in and you’re able to paste, that’s a confirmation of that bug.

Try that and let me know?


Thanks for the suggestion but still no luck. This was with AE 16.1.1 (Build 4) coming from Mocha Version 5.6.0 build 1601.gcc41335b663b. The only way I could get distortion/undistortion into AE was when I used the plugin version of Mocha, no luck with the standalones, Mocha Pro 5 or 2019.

Can you email me and we can set up a time to remote into your machine?

Try this:

  1. Use mocha as normal to Export the Lens Data and Copy to Clipboard
  2. Leave the mocha GUI
  3. Open a text editor, create a new file, and paste the clipboard contents to the new text file
  4. Select all of the text in the new text file and copy that text to the clipboard
  5. Switch back to AE and paste

I’ve reported this to Adobe to see if they can address the bug sooner.

Hi Martin,

We did this workaround it it usually works for the user. I should have updated this thread. I remoted into his machine.