Mocha License File Problem

I just purchased Mocha for After Effects and when I try to enter my license information into mocha it gives me an error saying “Failed to save (etc)”. It won’t let me run the program as admin (I think it’s a permissions problem) and I can’t seem to just cut and paste the info into the license file.


After much fussing about I solved my problem.

For anyone that has a similar issue, this is how I got mocha to work.

1.) When to c:/Program Files/Imagin…/Mocha for…/
2.) Selected the license file created my Mocha, edited the properties, changed the access privileges to all for my account.
3.) Opened the license file in Wordpad, cut and pasted the license info into the document and SAVE.
And presto, Mocha should open fine.

Stupid permissions!!! :mad: