Mocha Logo Disappears when checking Accuracy of Track

Hi, I’ve been lately running into the same problem over an over with different clips (all 1920x1080, 29.97)
I’m using Mocha for AE CS5. Mocha tracks fine (using X-splines) but when I check the accuracy of the track by inserting the Grid or Mocha Logo, it disappears for many frames, comes back, disappears again for several frames. Sometimes it’s a couple frames that disappears, other times a big chunk. The X-spline remains throughout the clip, however. When I export the Shape Data and paste into AE CS5, those same frames that disappeared when I checked by inserting the Grid or Mocha Logo image are also missing.
Perhaps I’m overlooking something simple, hopefully someone on the forum knows the solution and can shed some light. Thank you.

  • Carlos

I rendered out a jpeg sequence for two different clips I was having trouble with. The first one works fine, no problem, but I’m still having same issues as before with the second clip. The handles for “Surface” just disappears along with anything I select in “Insert Clip”. It comes back after a while.

Hi Mary,
I don’t believe it’s the trial version. The edition of mocha that I have installed came with my CS5 production suite. I registered mocha with Imagineer Systems.
The footage are all 1080x1920/29.97fps quicktime’s with animation codec. It was exported out of Avid and it seems to have metadata containing timecode because on the timeline it doesn’t start at zero. Always starts at a strange number. For example 214664, 217480 (I’m guessing it’s the frame number from the sequence it was exported on Avid??)

Hi Carlos,
You’re not working in learning mode, are you? Also, what file format is the footage you are having this issue with?

As a test, try rendering out a simple image sequence, like a JPEG sequence, with the same dimensions and frame rate, re-track your file and see if that still happens, it does sound like a codec issue.

So, at this point I think you are either tracking a reflection or your tracking data is off on that clip. You can email me to get FTP info if you want me to take a look and see if I can figure out whats up with the footage.