Mocha losing clip file on reopen?

Hello everyone,

I’m having an issue where I return to a project, and Mocha states “The clip used in the project file could not be found. Please specify the new location of the clip or an alternative clip.” - despite the fact that the clip has not moved.

I point it to the correct clip, and Mocha quits with no warning. This message pops up in the console.log:

Nov 30 12:37:13 Anderson [0x0-0xb10b1].com.ImagineerSystems.Mocha[1356]: ASSERT failure in Prm::NumericParameter::vSetValue: “value not between minimum and maximum”, file /Users/build/motormocha/GUI/…/Prm/NumericParameter.hpp, line 83

Perhaps Minimum/Maxmimum value is refering to frames? The re-link dialog shows both start and end frame as 0, although when I change them to the correct values, it makes no difference. I’ve attached a jpeg of the import settings so you can see them.

Any ideas? Seems like I have to finish my jobs without ever quitting mocha!