Mocha Mask how-to

After I use Mocha mask to track and mask my subject, how do I mask out the background instead of applying a look. I’m trying to mask out the background and keep my subject.

Hi, once you have tracked your subject, rename that layer as something like ‘Track’, then create another spline around your subject, choose Link to track on the left & choose your Track spline layer, these two will then move together the same, click Show Layer Masks at the top, I’ve coloured it red using the little box in the Layer tree on the left, so it shows, this is the area that’s masked,
You don’t have to create a separate layer, you can just change the shape of your orig tracked spline but you might have to work your way along alnong the timeline & alter it’s shape to suite, keyframes wil be auto generated,
, I’ve only created just one spline here,


You can invert that in the Blend mode on the left if you want to,

Back in the host software there will be an option to Apply Matte, there’s also a choice to invert it if you want to & if you didn’t in Mocha, this is Vegas but any host will have this option in the fx controls somewhere

PS turn off your Track layer spline’s visibility by using the eye button in the layer tree or this will show in the result as a mask

Thank you for your response! You made things clearer but for some reason my mask won’t show over another clip. I only want the selected mask to show over a different clip but it shows everything or the black and white mask.

Sorry my mistake i just seen you’re using BCC+Looks not Mocha Pro,
This is a Continuum filter, that Mocha mask is only masking the Looks effect, not creating a transparent mask to see the track below,

Try BCC Corner pin Studio, sorry i don’t use it much so you’ll have to search the videos, but in these pics i set the blue planer surface box to full screen (Expand Planer surface) & created a simple spline, that spline is then working as a mask, like i say you’ll have to experiment

PS you could prob export the tracking you’ve done in Looks Mocha in the File option top left, then import that data into CornerPin Studio , File - Open Project or Merge Project

& i have to apply Corner pin Studio as a composite, I don’t know if FCP does this?