Mocha Mask not rendering in Resolve

I’m using Resolve and Particle illusion on the color page.

I have a mask in the mocha mask that is showing up in the viewer and looks good when viewing mask and also when viewing video. In other words, when I look at the shot in the viewer everything looks good.

When I render the shot and bring it back into Resolve, the particles are there (Grey/Brown Dirt specs) but the mask is not working.

Is this related to the problems with Mocha with the color page?

Resolved (sorry for the pun!)… it appears to be a playback cache issue related to resolve and not PI. strangely, clearing the playback cache is not fixing the playback problem.

Is there a workaround for this? (In case others have this issue too)


Hi Alan,
Haven’t found one yet. The only reason I know it’s a Resolve issue is because I checked the frames on a DPX editor app. Gonna try a couple things tomorrow.

Ok, it looks like re-rendering with the same name is causing the issue. When I change the name by deleting a single character in the delivery page file name, it now caches the correct frames. Really annoying because in order to get the effect right it often takes multiple render passes, but it is what it is.

Mac OS 10.15.7, 32GB RAM, Resolve studio 17.