Mocha Mask not working in Resolve

I’m using Primatte Studio within fusion. I’ve successfully keyed my talent but have a couple of objects in the lower right and left quadrants of the screen that I need removed.

If I activate the outside mask using crop mode I can successfully close the left and right sides and the objects are excluded from the scene however since the object on the right side protrudes more onto the viewing area; cropping the right also cuts off certain scenes where my talents arms extend.

So I opted to use the Outside mask with Mocha instead.

I used the paint tool to create an area around the subject to be masked out of my scene but after saving the changes and returning to Primatte, the objects that are supposed to be masked out of the scene remain untouched. If I invert the outside mask, everything is gone.

Am I not using this feature properly? I’ve tried the same using the inside mask and it isn’t working either.

Are there any Resolve tutorials showing how these features are supposed to work? I thought it seemed fairly straight forward but maybe not.


Hi Mark,

Hmmm … well you’re wading into deep and unchartered territory with this as Continuum’s Primatte Studio does not currently support Resolve’s Fusion tab. I would suggest using Primatte Studio in either the Edit or the Color tab in Resolve instead of the Fusion tab.

Here’s a link to a video tutorial that should explain use of Primatte Studio and while it’s not in Resolve, all of the principles that are shown here hold true.

Moving forward, we’ll work on some Resolve specific tutorials for Primatte Studio - we’ve had a couple of requests for that recently.


Hello Peter,

Thanks for the additional info and suggestion. Interestingly, in Edit mode when I select outside mask; every option for that selection is greyed out. Inside mask provides options and appears to be working.

I’ll update later on the result.


So spending some time experimenting with Mocha within the suggested Edit window of Resolve proved to yield somewhat more towards the expected result as opposed to using the Fusion area; although I noted a few minor issues. Such as the reported options for launching Mocha and etc. that I’d previously reported as being greyed out and unavailable were presented after having closed and re-opening my session. There were a few other small quirks but nothing of major concern that I wasn’t able to work around.

Also noted quite a few features within Primatte Studio are unavailable b/c they’re displaying as not being supported within Resolve.

Are there any future plans for fully supporting many of these features within Resolve as they are supported in other Video editing platforms? Obviously Adobe is a popular platform for video production and editing but they aren’t the only major contenders on the block and it would be certainly be nice to have a more fully integrated workflow with the BFX plugins.

Your suggestion and responses are always appreciated.


Hi Mark,

I’m glad to hear that Primatte is working for you in the Edit tab.

There are a couple of known issues with Primatte in Resolve (1) access to alternate background layers for Light Wrap compositing in the Edit tab, however you can bypass that limitation by working in the Color tab which will provide you with access to pulling in the background source and piping that into the background input of Primatte and (2) on the Mac platform where the text over the buttons in the floating toolbar can sometimes display garbled characters. Hopefully we’ll have a fix for that sometime in the near future.

Then there is the access to host mask shapes that is exclusive to Adobe - the Adobe API gives us access to their mask data but this is not so for other host API’s. That said, nothing can beat Mocha for shape creation so I would strongly suggest using Mocha for this.

For the Outside (and Inside) Mask options, you first need to activate the option by selecting the option that you want to use in the pop-up menu that is directly above each of these groups. Once you select the desired option, ie Crop/Mocha Mask etc, the tools for that option will become available. I think you may have been missing that step.

If there are other issues that you’re encountering with Primatte in Resolve please don’t hesitate to reach out to let me know about it.

I hope this helps.