Mocha Mask Shapes in Premiere Ignored

I’ve had this problem come up a couple of time with v4, and now it has popped up in v5.02. Seemingly randomly, when I export from Premiere or Media Encoder, the masks are completely ignored when outputting to Apple ProRes and a couple of other codecs. So in my case, I’m using some blur and sometimes a tint in the mask shapes, but when I export, the entire frame is blurry and/or tinted. My first workaround in v4 was to export to Animation codec, then re-export that into ProRes. Didn’t work with v5, but I AM able to export directly to ProRes if I import the Premiere project into AE and export from there. Weird, right?

I realize this may actually be an Adobe or Apple issue, but since I only see it when using Mocha masks, figured I’d put it out there in case there’s a fix.


P.S. Thanks for the webinar Mary (and others that made it happen). Even thought I already own Mocha Pro, I found it educational nonetheless.

I guess I should point out that the masks are on an Adjustment Layers in the Opacity section.

Hi Alex!

I will let the dev team know about this for testing!

And I am glad you enjoyed the webinar!


Hi Alex,

Just so i’m clear, is this only happening when you paste in mocha masks to premiere effects, or is it happening with ANY mask you draw in premiere?