Mocha masks with keyframes freak out in After Effects

Hi, I have a problem exporting/importing my roto’s out of Mocha. I made a roto in Mocha and when I try to copy it and ‘paste mocha mask’ I run into problems. Whenever I made a keyframe in Mocha the mask goes out of control in After Effects. All the masks that don’t have keyframes stay oke.
If I just paste, and thus make a mocha shape, it’s all fine. But I really want to adjust some masks in After Effects. Is this a knows issue or am I doing something wrong?
I someone could help me, that woudl be awesome since I did a lot of rotoing already in Mocha and I don’t want it to be for nothing.

i’m working with After Effects CS5 and Mocha 2.2.1.


The track is correct. But since i’m making masks in Afx the track wouldn’t matter, or does it?
It’s only on keyframes that I made in Mocha that the mask goes beserk.
I tried it with x-splines and that seems to work. So it’s only on Beziers. So I got my work around. Guess there’s no way to turn Beziers intro X-splines? :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Can you turn the grid and surface tool on and see what the track is doing on the shapes that won’t import? It could be that they have a bad track on them. If you see the surface tool disappear, you can bet its a bad track.

Also, since mocha shapes as splines in AE have a keyframe on every frame, it is not very efficient to correct mocha roto in after effects.


Usually it’s a tracking problem, you can always send me the file and I can check it out.