Mocha mouse scroll zoom added to pixelchooser?

Hi, just curious, will Mocha’s new mouse scroll zoom be added to Pixel chooser & the Mocha inc in Sapphire effects one day, ?

Usually, some functionality trickles down to other versions but I do not have a definitive answer for you yet. We can let @martinb know about this feature request.

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In short: yes. Over time, most of Mocha Pro’s basic interface features like this end up in the lighter versions. It just comes down to release schedules.
The mouse scroll zoom has already been so popular I don’t think we’d keep it from anyone!

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Thanks, yep i like it,
I asked because i’m already expecting it to zoom when launching Mocha from within an fx, a couple of times now I’ve opened an fx, opened the built in Mocha & scrolled to zoom in, even tho i already knew it didn’t work in the fxs PixelChooser/Mocha, Doh! :joy:

I changed the Zoom to Fit to F so it returns it to full screen, i didn’t get a warning that that key was already used, it helps me to return to full centre stage because for me after zooming in & out a bit the image wanders off to the side, X will let me grab the image & replace it but F is instant centering :+1: