Mocha never remembers my saved project


Ever since I upgraded from 4.0 to 5.0, Mocha never remembers my saved project.

For example,

If I open mocha using Mocha import +, I get a message saying need to convert to 5.o. So I save it, do my work & save again,

But when I open it up again, (via mocha import plus), it asks again to convert AND I don’t have any of my work to boot.

When I looked in my folder I see:

Project. converted .mocha




It keeps converting. I NEVER had this issue before when upgrading.

Any one else having this issue?


This is probably to do with the fact that mochaImport+ creates a project file saved as a mocha V4 file format and then sends it to mocha Pro.

I’ll email mamoworld and check with them if this may be the problem. They may have to update their file formats to match the V5 format.

When you save the file, are you saving it as the same name as the original, or only saving as the “converted” filename?

I actually tried it both ways. I renamed it as it suggested, and I also saved it with the name “converted”. No matter which way I try, when I go to open mocha via Mocha import+, it opens a mocha project as a “NEW” project and NEVER opens any file name regardless what I name it.

My work around has been to just save the file and open it up from the stand alone Mocha pro software. There hasn’t been a way to access my saved project within AE/ mocha import.

Thanks again,



Thanks for the information Lou.

I’ve contacted mamoworld. When they get back to us I’ll see what we can do to resolve this.

Ok, great. Funny, it never dawned on me that it was the import plugin, I just assumed it was Mocha pro.


If you just say “no” when asked if you want to save with a new name, you should be fine as it will keep the old project file name and reopen that next time.

Really? Did you try to save a roto track in mocha, Save it, and then try to open it up again from AE via Mocha import + ?

Are the tracks still there or did it open up blank?

Because I get the same “convert” message every time I access mocha. And no matter what I choose Yes or No. it always asks to convert and I start with a blank project.

BTW, I am using Mocha import + 5.0

What version did you use?

Does the file name always save as “Converted” before you exit? If so, did you try restoring the filename to its original?

We are presently working with mamoworld to provide a new way to handle this in the next update so you don’t have an issue.

Ok I will try that as well.

And, wow, creating an update just for “me”? :slight_smile:

You were first to report the issue, so we wanted to get on top of it before it became a problem for everyone!