Mocha New Course Question Mary

Can someone please explain me why in lesson 20b in Mocha Course, marry replace a bunch of stickers jar by using remove module?
Why not just track the jars and put the new sticker on the original one?

Because of the lighting changes. :wink: That’s what the exercise is about.

Wow what a quick answer geez thanks :slight_smile:
Do you think, because of the light is changing i would not be able to do that in the classic way, just tracking?

And…let me just get it straight.
The remove module is designated to conceal objects, but not always such this lesson in which the stickers are not being removed even for a second but immediately are replaced by the new ones, right?

Yes, doing this shot classically is a REAL pain to do. Lots of hand animation of color and luminance changes. Yuck.

Remove is best thought of as replacing pixels by what either moves behind them or what is in a cleanplate. Insert is best thought of as a patch of all new pixels. Remove can match lighting, inserts can match motion blur. They do slightly different things in different ways.

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Excuse me for being ignorant but whar are so “inserts” you are talking about?

Oh, so the Mocha Pro software has several different modules. Lens, Camera Solve, Insert, MegaPlates, Remove, Stabilize, etc. Insert is where you can put something in over the top of your track, and Remove is replacing pixels. You can use both for traditionally “paint” style fixes, depending on the task you need to do. When you say “put a new sticker” over the top, that would be an insert kind of task. Except the lighting changes in this shot make it work better as a Remove.