Mocha Newbie

Finally completed my first tutorial of the Ipaq.

My only problem is that when I paste the corner pin data, the picture is to the left of the screen. The tracking motion is correct but the picture placement is not.

I have matched the anchor points and position points in both the images, but the picture and screen do not match.

So I have to manually place the picture in the screen.

Why isnt the picture dropping exactly into the screen as in the tutorial?

My pictures are the same ize and fps is the same.

I know its something obvious I have left out. Any help?

Another thing to check in AE is the source footage interpret setting.
Control click on the source file and make sure the fps setting is the same as the composition and the same as the mocha project.

I think that mocha wants to auto-set sequential frames at 24, while AE is 30fps.

Other than that, did you view the surface in mocha to insure it has been placed into position?