Mocha not applying logo after doing "adjust track"Mocha AE

I’m sorry if this isn’t the right forum, please move and advise if need be.

I’m using Mocha AE 7.5.0

I have been able to(semi) successfully create tracking information and apply it in AE. However, the tracking was REALLY bumpy and I spent a lot of time in adjust layer trying to "fix’ it. When I went back in to AE to see the update the logo on the object will not appear. No matter what I have tried I can’t make it pop back up like it did before. I spent a lot of time trying to adjust the tracking and I’d rather not go through that again without knowing what happened…

On that topic, I have a video that has an object that moves very little, but there is a shadow that is cast on it. When the shadow pops in, the track to goes all to hell and even though there’s very little movement, it’s worse than when the object goes blurry from motion blur in other videos. I’m JUST starting out and I’ve tried to follow with many tutorials thus far, but I’m just either not getting it, or just missing a dot somewhere.

I’m using “classic” mode with perspective on (needing to track the object and it’s angles) Ih ave 90% min % pixels, larg motion, auto channel, for the track.

I have a number of videos I need to track and this is critical that I understand how to do this properly. I need some help!

Thanks in advance.

Hi! Let’s see if I can help.

Can you use the surface tool “align to surface” and then reset the surface tool on the layer you tracked, placing the surface tool where you want it? It may be it went off into the ether due to a perspective shift and the surface going behind the camera.

For shadows and light shifts like caustics or for objects and people moving over the object you are tracking, you will need to use holdout shapes to get a good track. Track the occlusion and put it in the layer above your desired tracking layer, and retrack. That should fix the issue.

You will definitely want to check out the getting started in Mocha series to help understand the planar tracker workflow and help you get through those tracks. I think it would really help you. Start with the fundamentals, lesson 01, and it should help!


Yah, the image I’m tracking has very little if any light shift, it just pops out of place during very little movement. Turning off the GPU didn’t help. :frowning:

Did you restart after the GPU setting change? You have to restart the host to get it to apply.