Mocha not ignoring garbage mattes when tracking

I’ve got a wall behind 2 subjects. I’ve tracked mattes around both so mocha SHOULD ignore them when they run into the wall matte, BUT, even though I’ve placed the wall matte at the bottom, it’s still reacting, though not as much as without the garbage mattes.

I’ve checked if either subject breaks through at the point the wall matte is affected and they’re not… so, please, now what?

thank you

Hi there!

Which version are you using? There was a bug in one version that did not use track matte order correctly, but it was fixed a while ago.

I’ll check that tomorrow, but if it needs to be upgraded, where do I find that? My version is Mocha Pro inside of AE

If it needs to be upgraded, it should tell you. The most recent version at time of posting is Mocha Pro 2019 v6.0.1.

hi Martin;

It says it’s 6.01, but still having these issues:

first, the bottom layer, when tracking is not fully ignoring the layers above it, better than not having those mattes at all, but still bounces (drifts) a little when coming into contact with those layers;

second, on a remove I’m attempting of a ring on a finger, the clean plate is not tracking with the background track, so the finger, which looks perfect in the first frame drifts as far as the dress on the woman whose hand it is…what am I doing wrong that the clean plate doesn’t track along with the hand?

thank you