Mocha Not Tracking Properly

Good day all. I am a complete newbie to Mocha, and I am just in love with what it can do already! Wow.

I am however having an issue, which most of you will probably laugh at, i’m hoping it’s a simple overlook on my part.

I have tried every tutorial on this and still it is not working. It’s driving me bananas.

I’m trying to achieve a simple text on a wall with a standard slider shot of a wall in perspective.


Once I place the PENx tool over the comp and then apply the planer surface, the grid goes on and everything looks great as seen here.




Once I track back to see if it’s working the planer box is way off, it’s not sticking to the wall. As seen here.


Please someone tell me what I am doing wrong, i am pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. Much appreciated. If there is a tutorial that you know about this simple wall text I would love to see it, i cannot find one anywhere!


If it matters i’m using Windows 7 based PC AMD FX Eight-Core Processor 4GHz, 32 G of ram

It looks like you’re getting some parallax detail in the open doorway that will throw the wall track off.

I recommend cutting a hole on the inner edge of the door to avoid the opening. You’ll still want to keep some of the doorway edges in there, but this way any new detail that appears through the door should not throw off the track.