Mocha Nuke Plugin - Blackscreen

Hey - so we have an issue here where sometimes when we plug the mocha node into our read it just gives a black screen. We have some workaround like adding crop/reformat before the node but we’re seeing a lot of issues with DeNosie plates now. When we DeNoise and read in the new DenNised plate, it’s just a black screen - no matter what we try. Does anyone else have this issue and know some workaround?

Hi Matthew,

This could be two things:

  1. Your plate is RGB-only and Nuke is trying to supply us a zero-alpha channel. The way around this is to add your own alpha channel (via using the Read node “auto alpha” or using the shuffle node) or upgrade to the latest Mocha version which works around this problem.
  2. You don’t have your node output connected to a viewer. Nuke requires that OFX plugins have output to feed in the input.

It’s most likely the first one, especially if you are using Mocha versions before v9.0.3.