Mocha OFX for Flame

hey folks, running into issues whenever using mocha ofx inside of flame. when i use the “module render” for stabilizing in the mocha ofx node, flame behaves super weird and its realy awkward to use. It gets stuck and its niot realy possible to use the workflow as advertised in your youtube tutorials. flame on mac. can you guys look into this?

What version of Mocha and what version of Flame, please? Let me poke @martinb and see if this is a known issue.

Specifics here are going to be important. Can you please provide:

  • Flame version
  • Mocha version
  • macOS system version
  • What stabilize you are using (planar or mesh)
  • What you mean by “super weird” :slight_smile:
  • A more detailed breakdown of exactly what is happening.

Your log from the Mocha hep menu will also be helpful.

hey there,

thanks for your reply.

Flame Version is 2021 (i tried several updates within 2021 all with same problem)

Mocha Version 8.0.3 build19

Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.3

Mesh stab

it just freezes to the point that you cant do anything until it randomly works again after a while


Sorry Jasper, I didn’t get an update when you responded.

So when you’re looking through the shot, the timeline freezes?
What is the density of the mesh? Are you using draft, normal or high? What dimensions are the footage?

Hi Martin,

i dont have a flame licence atm, i think you´ll need to check that yourself.


I can’t check that myself as I need to know the details of your project.

Problems like this are often system or project-specific so we need to troubleshoot your project before we reproduce it elsewhere. Once we have more details we can test it locally to find the issue.

Hi Martin,

like i said, i do not have a flame licence at the moment.

i´m quite sure it happened with different density settings and also in all the quality modes. if you realy need the exact settings we´ll have to wait until my next flame project.


Can you send the flame project file and a dummy/blackout frame from your sequence? You shouldn’t need a license to get that to us to check. You can mail that to maryp at and martinb at

That will help us track this down. Thank you.

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