Mocha OFX vs Silhouette Node

Are there any differences between Mocha Pro for OFX and the Mocha that comes bundled with Silhouette?

I mean in terms of there being differences between Mocha AE and Mocha pro for Adobe. I’m not trying to nitpick pedantically.

The Mocha that is embedded inside Silhouette is essentially the heart of the Mocha tracking algorithm, but is full driven by Silhouette’s user interface.

“Mocha Pro” represents the full Mocha Pro which has it’s own interface and modules that go beyond tracking and are designed for specific tasks (such as Lens Calibration, Stabilization, Object Removal and 360/VR).

Mocha Pro also exports to a wide variety of formats, whereas the Mocha tracking module inside Silhouette is designed to support Silhouette tasks.

We do offer an option to add the Mocha Pro OFX plug-in to Silhouette owners at a great price and the 2 applications complement each other very well. This compare chart might also help clarify: Boris FX | Mocha Pro 2022.5

Hope this helps

Functionally, Mocha Pro for OFX hosts has the name exact features as Mocha Pro for Adobe or Avid.
Each host has various quirks, but now that teams have merged, we have added a Silhouette exporter to Mocha Pro and working to explore how Silhouette users can take advantage of various features (for example using Lens Calibration to paint or roto on wide angle distorted images).

For more clairty, Mocha AE is a stripped down version for AE only. (Tracking and Roto) for AE workflow. This other chart might also be useful :wink: Boris FX | Mocha Pro 2022.5

Hi, thanks for your response. I’ll see how I get on within Silhouette before deciding if I need the other features; I already have Mocha Pro for Adobe.

Ok… I bought SFX within the last 30 days - would there be any way to upgrade to the SFX + MP deal that I should have bought? I have MP for Adobe presently.

I suggest contacting sales to see what your options are: Boris FX | Contact Us