Mocha on mac (leopard)

Running Mocha 1.0 on a Mac Book Pro 2.4ghz with 4gigs of ram and a Geforce 8600M 256mb ram.

Problem is constant crashes. I see the little spinning wheel just before it closes. Luckly the files have saved, and when I reopen it appears to have not lost any data.
Is this normal?
I try and save alot to help minimize the crashes, but it still happens.
Tried v1.0.1 and the crashes where even more frequent than the older 1.0version
Any suggestions could there be a conflict?

I have experienced numerous crashes too, I am running 10.4. Suddenly it gets sluggish and crashes. I guess it has to do with the caching of individual frames,
(i really have no clue:confused: )

I’ve had that too. It opens fast and as I continue to work it slows and then crashes. One fix I’ve made is when I’m done tracking a spline, I turn it off so it doesn’t recalculate. Perhaps this should be a feature that once you make a new spline, the other splines deactivate so it doesn’t track.