Mocha Plug-In causing crashes, losing work

I am really enjoying Mocha Pro 5 and it has really improved from version 4, however I am facing a real issue with the plug-in. I am working on a shot that is about 80 seconds long and during tracking, the plug-in has been causing After Effects to crash, leaving me without the option to save and I’m forced to lose all of my work. If you save your work within the plug-in, it is not safe unless the After Effects project has been saved, too, but the program crashes and forces me to exit before I am able to. This has happened a couple times and I’ve gone back to using the standalone app in the meantime, but I’m hoping this can be easily solved.


The error causes Mocha to freeze and After Effects displays this notice: “crash occurred while invoking effect plug-in ‘mocha pro’”

The only thing I can do is force quit After Effects, as the program has completely halted.


Thank you

Hi there, I think this is related to a bug with the latest update of AE, we are currently working on a fix for this problem, but it should work fine if you return to the previous version of AE CC 2015.

I’m having the same problem with AE CC 2014.3. Constant crashing, losing a lot of roto work.
Would you recommend rolling back to 2014.2, or just using 2015?

Does this only happen with the Plug-in version?
I’m wondering if I should upgrade to Standalone, or just go back to Mocha CC AE.

(Classic Mac Pro, 12-core, GTX 780, 96GB RAM, GPU Acceleration off in Mocha.)

The plugin is really only supported in CC2015, so if you’re running into crashes in CC2014 definitely move to 2015!

Hi Mary, that explains it! It must be tough constantly trying to keep up with the constant software changes in all of the programs you support. Looking forward to giving the plugin a try in CC 2015.

Great! Let us know! :slight_smile: