Mocha plug-in for Nuke frame range issue


I have recently moved onto a new work computer and found an issue with the mocha plugin. On my older computer, I could loads in any sequence which starts at any frame, then when you connect mocha to that node, it starts at the correct frame range. However, on this one now, my mocha always starts at 0 and doesn’t go off the read node’s frame range or the nuke scripts frame range. tried changing the prefs but nothing seems to be working. Any help?


I think this might be a new bug, can you let me know what version of Mocha Pro you are using and what version of Nuke? I will ask @Martinb if this is on our known issue list. If it is, we will be working on a fix as we speak.

Matthew, is the actual footage range incorrect? i.e can you see all your frames?

Sorry for the slow reply, been very busy.

The version of Nuke I’m currently using is Nuke 12.0v3 and Mocha is 2019.5

Yeah so the footage I bring into Nuke always starts at frame 1001, and Nuke sets up its frame range dependent on that read node. When I hook up a mocha plug in node to that read node, mocha always starts at 0, no matter what settings I change, or even re-time the clip, doesn’t seem to effect it.

This has never happened on any other computer I’ve used before, its always been fine, however it seems like these two versions just clash for some reason?