Mocha plugin in DaVinci Resolve 14 bug


Adding a Mocha Pro OpenFX plugin to a clip works great. Adding another to new clip, does not work so great.
It opens up the old clip and solve, instead of making a new one. Very difficult to do anything then - if I can only have one?

Even tried making a clip into a compound clip, so it gets its own timeline. But it still opened up the old clip and rotos/tracks.
Instead of making a new one. Is this a bug? Or is there a work around?

This is on a PC, Windows Pro 10.

Hi Mattias,

We don’t currently support Resolve in Mocha Pro for this very reason, along with some temporal access issues that make the Remove module ineffective.

We are hoping the Resolve team will be able to work with us to support the OFX plugin better, but for now, it’s off the cards. Sorry we can’t give you better news here yet!