Mocha Power Mesh + Premiere

Is there an issue there cos I can’t get it to work? All the tutorials are for After Affects. Do I have to do something differently to apply an image to a mesh?

We are working on a way to do this in Premiere right now. Please look for out next release. It’s not really a bug so much as Premiere needs to be forced to composite and we needed to make a workaround.

next release? as in 2022?

We are planning for it next point release.

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point? 2021.5? when’s that?

We are working on nailing down that date, but soon.

Mary. In other thread you told me I can do my planar inserts in Mocha and when I go back to Premiere they show up. Can I do the same with powermesh in this case it won’t work?

PowerMesh insert is coming soon, in that same release I previously mentioned. Very soon.