Mocha Power Mesh Warp Stabilize Unstabilize

To The Amazing Boris FX team:

I need some help. I’m trying to create a “human torch” effect.

I’m in After Effects, and I’m doing the warp/unwarp workflow that Mary shows off in the live stream that you guys did the other day. I’ve done the roto/track on a layer and gone to the stabilize module and checked “Mesh Warp” and “Unwarp” and set the resolution to high. In the effects control, I then clicked “Render Module” and selected “Stabilize Unwarp”.

I then precomposed the layer and moved all attributes. I copied the original instance of Mocha Pro and pasted it on the precomp and changed the drop down to “'Stabilize Warp”’ to reverse the effect. Nothing happens. It doesn’t reverse the effect.

Also…If I want to add flames to my character and have “Power Mesh” drive the warp and roto of the flames…where do I put that footage? Do I also need to apply the Mocha Pro plugin to the flame footage? That was thee one part I was confused about in live stream as well as the tutorial. How and where do you place the imagery that you want to “stick” and warp with the footage?

I’ve uploaded the project and footage to my dropbox for your perusal. As this is footage of my kids as well as some stock assets, let me know when you’ve downloaded the project to troubleshoot.



Cool ideal, let me download this and see what I can see. :slight_smile:

This is a bug, your footage is trimmed in AE instead of in the clip and your tracking data is being blown away or moved down the timeline, try trimming the footage individually.

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Thank you so much, Mary! Yeah I did the edit in Premiere and then dynamic linked the footage into AE…I’ll render out the clips as they are and go from there!