Mocha Pro 2019/2020 Tracking question

If i track an object in Mocha Pro (Stand alone) and i change the splines around due to occlusion, but my little blue box is very steady, but the transform box (the white dashed box) moves around, what DATA is being pulled into After Effects, if i export out Tracking Data > Transform: Position, Scale and Rotation. Because my scale, rotation and position data on a null object in AE is jittery as heck, but the corner pin data is solid…Help!

It is always the Surface (Blue Box) that is the data that is exported to other applications. (not the transform tool)
When exporting transform and not corner pin, it will only use the surface’s center point, scale & rotation.

2 things:

  1. Mocha Pro 2019 stand alone I can post this data directly onto any object in 2019 AE (transform Data). I cannot with Mocha Pro 2020
  2. The blue box tracking data is way more solid coming from MP2019 than MP2020. The Transform data from 2020 is VERY jittery. IN 2019, the data may move around with the blue box, but in 2020, it jumps back and forth, while the blue box appears solid.

I don’t know what you guys did in 2020, the rotoscoping is much better, but the tracking data is weird.

Maybe my workflow is wrong…I have footage that I’m trying to track of a camera moving by a car engine. I want to place pointers on certains parts of the engine. There is paralax, as the camera moves, but it’s on a slider so no y axis, just across the x axis. I track an object, and make sure that my track is solid. Now what data do i use to place text next to it, like a callout? Do i use the corner pin data or the transform data? Thanks!

For Graphic ype callouts, I would recomend trackign with only transform and scale option. And then export the trnsform data. This is a creative decision… depends what kind of motion you want the grphic to follow, but generally I see a lot of this type of project look sbest when it is only X,Y and scale… maybe rotation depending on the shot. So, re-track with those options and then re-export.

Trackign has not changed between 2019 and 2020. If you have a good example where you can demonstrate this to us, we’d appreciate it if you can share the project.


Another question. If i’ve got a project i’m creating in c4d, i can place a NULL on an object, and when it moves through 3D space, i can bring that data into AE as a null and attached graphics to it.
But in this case, I’ve got flat footage i’m tracking, and i track the object as the camera moves. So, is this the same as sill pulling the transform data? Or would that def be with the corner pin?

I did some tracking in 2019 and pasted the transform data into AE. it worked perfectly. There is something not right with Mocha 2020. I’m not sure if it’s the tracking or the pasting into AE. I know you said they didn’t touch the tracking, but the rototracking is better, so i’m thinking something is different…I’ll go back to 2019 until you guys work through it. Not having the cut paste is an issue…

You need to use the Camera solver to create 3D nulls that will translate to c4d files. The regular 2D tracking nulls are not the best workflow for that.

We are going to look into the copy paste issue.


using the camera tracker makes sense and i know how to do that. thanks mary