Mocha Pro 2019.5 OFX Will Not Activate In HitFilm

Downloaded the Mocha 2019.5 OFX update and installed on Mac (Mojave 10.14.5). It installed with no issues. Previously Mocha Pro 2019 OFX had been working with no issues inside HitFilm.

Opened Mocha Pro 2019.5 inside HitFilm Pro and it tells me (on the splash screen) that there is a licensing error. If I attempt to go to “Activate” everything freezes and I have to force quit HitFilm.

If instead of clicking Activate I check the More Info link I then get a message that states:
"License Error: 0. RepriseLicenseManager failed to checkout feature(s):
App-ofx: Requested version not supported (-6)

app-multihost:No license for product (-1)

app-multihost-so: No license for product (-1)"

If I start Mocha in LE mode and then go to activation from the menu it gives me the activation tool.

However, if I insert the activation code and press activate I then receive a message telling me that the code is for a previous version and I must buy again.

I purchased my license in 2018 and the email receipt tells me that I’m good until October 17, 2019.

Mocha 2019.5 is only a free update if you’re currently on a support contract or have an active yearly subscription. If you’re having trouble activating, deactivate your current key, uninstall the plugin, download the new version off our website, and reactivate. Which it sounds like you’ve already done.

That should have gotten you all sorted out! Since it did not, can you please email support here and ask to have your key reset for you? Otherwise sales can help you purchase an upgrade if you’re ineligible for the free update. Boris FX | Open a Case

Thanks Mary. I had opened a case about a week ago but have received no response.

I’ve tried all the troubleshooting techniques I can think of including reinstalling HitFilm.

Incidentally, the BorisFX Application Manager show that this new version is activated.

OK, we have a solution for that. Can you tell me what email you submitted a case under and I will see if I can find your account and hook you up with support individually.

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The email I used for that is: xxxxxx (case number 00147310).

Thanks for your help.

Problem solved. Apparently the version date on my license had been set incorrectly for the purchase date. Jon changed it and everything is now functional.

Thanks for your help.

Happy to help!