Mocha Pro 2019 Buggy in Premiere

I’m finding Mocha Pro a little buggy in Premiere. (Mocha Pro 2019, Premiere 13.0.1, MacOS 10.13.6, 12 core 2010 macpro with Radeon 7950, 32 gigs ram)

I’m doing a pretty simple remove effect. When I exit Mocha and select “render Module / Remove” nothing renders and the clip kinda freezes up and won’t play in the timeline. So I go back into Mocha, export the project, delete Mocha Pro effect in Premiere, select the clip in the timeline, REPLACE with AE COMPOSITION.

When in AE, I apply Mocha pro to the same clip, import the mocha project, exit Mocha in AE, click render/Remove… quick and flawless.

In short… works great in After Effects, sluggy and not reliable in Premiere. Any ideas? I recently did a complete clean install of EVERYTHING. (OS, Adobe CC, all my plug ins, etc…)

The sluggishness, unfortunately, is something we are still working with Adobe on. Premiere and AE have very different renderers geared towards different things, AE is more optimized for VFX work. Thank you for letting us know, we will continue to try and address this in Premiere. We think we have made some progress for the new point release that should be coming out soon.

Thank you for your quick reply. Good to hear you know about it and it’s being worked on. Too bad they’re such different render engines. Having Mocha has truly changed the game for me.

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Andrew1, this kind of thing sucks.
do you only have this issue when using the Mocha plugin? I get this kind of ‘problematic timeline update’ behavior regularly in Premiere. With Different plugins, and even with no plugins sometimes.

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That’s partly why I sucked it up and did a complete clean install. I don’t think I’ve done a clean install in at least 10 years and there was surely a lot of bloat in my OS. I’ll say it’s been “better” overall. I used to have lots of random problems with footage from my DJI Inspire and OSMO and those seem to have gone away. I’ve noticed that brand new projects feel a lot more stable that old ones that have been converted and opened in the newer version of Premiere.

Hi Mary… one more thing on this topic. In a premiere timeline, if I do a ‘replace with AE composition’ and do my Mocha work in AE, does that end up using the premiere render engines, or the AE one once I’m back in Premiere? For this last project, I did the composite render in AE and brought in a PR422 file which worked great but there are times that round-tripping to AE would be nice.

I am actually not sure, I don’t know how Adobe handles that between packages. I would test the workflow and see if it works better for your pipeline.