Mocha Pro 2019 crashing at startup

Hi all!

Started using Mocha earlier this year and just went to install the new 2019 pro version on a recently formatted editing computer. Everything installed fine, but when I launch Mocha from within Premiere Pro I get the error that is attached. If I click it again, it goes to launch the program so I can put my registration code in but then it crashes Adobe.

I’ve tried looking around the net for this error code 15 but not finding too many clear answers.

Thanks in advance for any help!

*EDIT PRoblem fixed! Had a 2nd graphicas card disabled and Mocha didn;t lke that!

Thanks for letting us know what the problem was! We’ll investigate if we can avoid this in future.

Mine Is Crashing in Vegas.

The vegas issue is related to certain clips and is being addressed in the 2019v6.0.1 maintenance update out soon.