Mocha Pro 2019 layout customization, dual screen


Any way to get Mocha to remember my layout customization?

I have the “Parameters” window broken out on to my second screen. When I open Mocha, it remembers that the window is broken out but I have to drag it back onto the second screen every time. Not ruining my day, but def annoying.


Hey Graham,

On Standalone, you can just go to View → Layout- > Save current layout
We’ll be updating the layout manager later so you can save specific layout versions.

Hi Martin,

I’ve done that, and I am still greeted with this:

which necessitates moving the parameters window over to my second screen every time the program loads.

This is what I would prefer:

Saving the layout does not recognize that a broken out window lives on a second screen. I can’t drag the main program window into my second screen, because my two panels are currently different resolutions. I imaging stretching out the main program window and rearranging there would work, but I can’t test that with my current hardware configuration.

Are you running High-DPI on both screens or just one? What is the resolution of both screens?

Left screen is 3840x2160, high DPI, right is 2560x1440, older panel and not high dpi.