Mocha Pro 2019 repeatable crash OSX Mojave - MC 2018.10

Hey Team,

I’ve come across a bug that is repeatable in MC 2018.10, Mac OSX Mojave. When selecting “Visible Layers…” in the Effects window, the Visible Layers window appears, and when you go to close it, MC crashes every time. I’ve attached the crash log to this e-mail.



AvidCrashLog.txt (483.6 KB)

I will test on Windows tomorrow.

David Baertsch

Creative Director/Editor

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Hey Kevin,

What’s your setup? I’ve tried to reproduce this under the same system and version and don’t get the same fault.

Can you let me know:

  1. If you are already applying mattes at the time
  2. How many layers are visible when you close
  3. If you are using groups
  4. If you are also rendering a module
  5. Dimensions
  6. Graphics card
  7. Existing project from a previous version, or a new project?

This will hopefully help us narrow it down.

Just tried it here. iMac late 2012, 32gb ram. OSX High Sierra. MC 2018.11. After leaving the Mocha interface and in the MC effects window if I click on visible layers, a dialog box listing layers pops up. When I close it the segmentation fault error occurs