Mocha Pro 2019 Showing up as Legacy in Hitfilm Pro

Mocha Pro 2019 Shows up as Mocha VR legacy in Hitfilm Pro but lunches Mocha 2019.

This is working as intended. Mocha Pro 2019 contains modules for Mocha VR and previous versions of Mocha Pro. Do not worry! It’s just a legacy file being loaded into the most recent version of the software.

Will all the Fearures of Mocha 2019 Work in Hitfilm 2019 or is Mocha Vr only suposed in hitfilm Pro ?

Mocha Pro 2019 should work just fine in hitfilm.

Do you want the google drive link fir the Hitfilm Project ?I enloosed tracking data for After Effects as well :?:slight_smile:

I do not think we need it.