Mocha Pro 2019 - Unable to activate in new machine


I recently purchased a new laptop, trying to install mocha pro and it wont let me activate the license.

I tried everything to uninstall mocha pro from my old machine but nothing works.
I downloaded 2 versions of cleaner tool from this forum with no success.

The new machine when activate throws maximum limit reached error.

Why can’t this be simple?

Hi Chris,

You’ve probably reached the limit to the amount for that activation code. Perhaps you didn’t deactivate it from the old computer? Please contact support for these type of questions so they can get you up and running quickly.


I have this problem as well. I’m stuck on the License Tool. Usually I can past my code into the activation window but the app will not let me paste or even type into the window. I just downloaded 2019 and have vs 5.5 also on my system. I put the app in the Applications folder and then launched it. Every time I click the Activate button when starting up I get the same thing over and over again. I just can’t type anything into the window. This is the only app I can’t type into.

Definitely open a support case and they can reset your license for you: Boris FX | Open a Case

I’m posting this here as I just helped another customer with what might be the same issue.

Mocha Pro 2019 has a different activation code format to V5. The new activation code contains numbers only, so the field where you enter it in the BFX License Tool will not allow letters to be typed. If you try to type in or paste a Mocha V5 activation code, which starts with a letter, it will not show up and it will look like the software isn’t working.

To upgrade to Mocha Pro 2019 from an older version, you need a new activation code. If you are covered by a current upgrade and support contract or subscription then you will have received this automatically. If not, you will need to purchase an upgrade before you can activate 2019.

Hi, I did receive a new activation code for 2019. But my problem is that I bought a new computer and installed everything manually. The old computer is now restored to factory, however, I cant activate license on my new machine. Raised a support case as suggested by Mary.


Maybe usefull for other users with some kind of activation problems:

In the past i got activation problems too (with red, continuum, mocha pro plugin and standalone).

I did not use any other firewall than its windows own firewall.

But in my case the problem was:

I use a fritzbox wlan router and added a block list like all microsoft servers (for addtracking)
or google addsense.

I disabled the blocklist for the computer (in the fritzbox) which i want to activate the plugins
and now all worked perfectly!

This was the solution for me. I wasn’t aware I was issued a new serial since I was upgrading. I assumed the old serial would work which started with letters. It seemed like the activation window was glitched. But I used the new serial which is all numbers. I copied and pasted into the activation window and things worked.