Mocha Pro 2020.5 and Resolve Fusion 16.2 (previously 6.2)

Does anyone know if these are meant to play together properly.
Having trouble with a Remove and I don’t know whether it me or the software combo.



Did you mean 16.2 or 6.2?

Sorry. Typo. 16.2.1

Okay, that makes more sense. :slight_smile:

Fusion standalone should work, however, the caching inside Resolve is not playing as nicely.
We don’t officially support Resolve yet as it renders a bit too slowly and the caching in the timeline is misbehaving a bit.
Are you feeding the Mocha Pro node a source directly from the Media-In from the resolve timeline, or using a Loader node?

Is the problem occurring inside Mocha, or when you render back to the Fusion page?
What are your cache settings?

I’m feeding the MP node directly. After render has happened in MP the only frame that’s good is the photoshopped frame. The other frames have a dimmed insert using the Remove layer matte.
If it’s not supported that makes sense.