Mocha Pro 2020.5 (v7.5.1) OFX Nuke Linux - Footage is black and can't be tracked

Version: Mocha Pro 2020.5 (v7.5.1) OFX

Platform: Threadripper running Centos 7; GTX 1060; Nuke 11.3v6 as the host application

I’ve just installed Mocha 2020.5 on Centos. I’ve had an earlier version of Mocha 2020 working on my W10 build no problems. When I used it on Windows, pressing the “Launch UI” button would open Mocha with whatever the footage was that was pointed to the node input in Nuke. Now the footage pane is just black. I’ve tried different footage: some prores qt’s, exr sequences, even a jpg sequence because that’s what the help page about this issue said to do. No joy. The footage pane is always black.

Please help. Thanks.

I am going to connect you with @martinb because this sounds like a bug to me. If a JPEG sequence isn’t working that makes me think there’s something going wrong. We will have to test on our end.

Great. Thanks Mary.

For future ref, the issue is that CentOS uses the nouveau nvidia driver by default, which works fine for Nuke, but Mocha requires the official nvidia driver.

Installing that driver is a pain. You have to disable nouveau, then exit X, install a bunch of dependencies, and even then it didn’t seem to work for me. Luckily, there is a very useful project called that does all this for you with just a few short terminal commands.

As soon as I was using official gfx drivers, Mocha’s viewer pane showed all images.

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Oh good, I am glad you let us know. Thank you.