Mocha Pro 2020 and After Effects

I have a track of a wall behind two people who are acting like they’re playing a video game.
Im replacing the screen with footage.
I tracked the footage, and with adjust track, got what i thought was a nice solid track.
However, when i bring it into After Effects, i get huge drift.

I checked and my files and comps are all 29.97, and the correct size.
When i tracked it, i had to create several small rotos and move them around.
Then i used adjust track (alot) to refine the track.

Is there a reason why i’d have so much drift in AE?

I created another track in Mocha, and just made a roto of the screen
so i could use the mask data in AE. I linked this to the first track, and it had a tiny bit of drift
so i fixed that with adjust track. But when i pull the mask into AE, i get this drift.
The corner pin data is also drifting this much as well. I can’t figure out what is happening…

Thanks for any help!

Hi there, if the track is good and the resolutions are mismatched, it’s likely your insert is the wrong size or wrong frame rate. Please see this video for a more in depth explanation:

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.


Hi Mary, Apologies for the delay. Finally back onto this project.
Would the mismatch include if you’re just copying the shape data as a mask into AE?
The first frame starts off fine, but it drifts heavily. Even though my track looks perfect…
The framerates are the same, i made sure of it.
the AE comp is 3840x2160 at 29.97 and I made sure the mocha pro 2020 clip information is the same.


Just a little more information.
I created a solid track using many splines because of the movement of the camera.
I had to make adjustments to the track, but it appears solid when i scrub through it.
When i export the tracking data, and put it on a comp size comp, the corner pinning and tracking are dead on!
But now, i need a matte that size because im wanting to make some lens flares like out of a projector. So i need a mask. In mocha pro 2020, I created a roto spline that matches the screen, then i connected it to the beforementioned track. There is a little drifting but i corrected it.
Now, when i export the shape data to clipboard, then copy the “mocha mask” in AE, it starts off correctly, then drifts way off.

That is what im trying to solve…

Are you pasting the data on a clip that’s larger than the comp? If so, make a new solid the same size as the comp, apply the mask to that, and use it as a luma or alpha matte for the layer you need to mask. You simply can’t paste Mocha data on a clip that isn’t the same size as the comp and have it paste correctly.

OH! that makes so much more sense. Gotya. Thanks Mary!

That worked! I made a comp duplicate of the first corner pin comp, put a solid in it, and copied the cornerpin/tracking information, and used an alpha matte. Thanks so much mary! that works perfectly!!

Happy to help!